Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New School Year

So Teen Read Week is over and a new Anime and Manga Club has begun.  We had a great showing... with over 40 students for both lunches. So many students again forces me to offer two days for the club- Tuesday and Thursday.  (I think I should just assume there will be enough for two days.)

The groups have chosen what they want to watch and they are watching...
Tuesday- both lunches are watching Sgt Frog.
Thursday- 1st lunch is watching Sgt Frog cont. from Tuesday and 2nd lunch is watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Many students are excited, but what this means for me is lots of Sgt Frog.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Well, the Last Anime and Manga Club met last week.

There was over 60 students in both Tuesday and Friday club days.  There are 2 groups that meet each day- one group for first lunch and one group for second lunch. Some of the students chose to attend both days since we viewed different anime.

A look back at the year...

  • We started the club meetings in C209 and then half way through first semester, we were moved to the Art Room, A206.  
  • Tuesday's group was meeting on Monday but Friday's group wanted to stay with Friday instead of moving to Thursday.
  • We had three drawing contests.  Drawings were collected from all the meetings and each group voted.
  • We had two games where the knowledge of the Anime was tested.
  • We had four pizza days and for one day's lunches, students ate over 23 pizzas- amazing.
We watched...
  • Tsubasa
  • Fruits Basket
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • One Piece
  • Bleach, season 1 and 2
  • Death Note
Some of us watched Anime during the Office Hours and we watched...
  • the end of Death Note
  • almost the end of Bleach, season 2
And some will watch Naruto during the last day of school.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anime Titles for Viewing

Here are some of the titles of the anime that the members can choose from...

Bleach: The Substitute, season 1                                rated Teen
Bleach: The Entry, season 2                                        rated Teen
Cased Closed: Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo                rated TV 13
Case Closed: Last Wizard of the Century                  rated TV PG
Case Closed: Phantom of Baker Street                      rated TV PG
Cosmic Party                                                               rated TV 14
Deathnote, vol. 1                                                        rated Older Teens
Deathnote, vol. 2                                                        rated Older Teens
Dragon Ball Z Kai                                                      rated TV PG
Fruits Basket, What Becomes of Snow                      rated TV PG
Fruits Basket, a Great Transformation                        rated TV PG
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, vol. 1                 rated TV 14
Full Metal Alchemist: Scarred Man of the East         rated TV PG
Full Metal Alchemist: the Curse                                 rated TV PG
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, vol. 1                 rated TV PG
Kaze no Stigma                                                           rated TV 14
Kenlchi: the Mightiest Disciple                                  rated TV PG
Mushi-Shi, vol. 1                                                         rated TV PG
One Piece, season 1                                                    rated TV 14
Origin: Spirits of the Past                                           rated TV PG
Ragnarok: First Quest                                                 rated TV PG
Romeo X Juliet, complete season                               rated TV PG
Sands of Destruction                                                  rated TV PG
Sasami                                                                         rated TV PG
Save Me Lollipop                                                        rated TV PG
Sgt Frog, season 1                                                       rated TV PG
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, vol. 1                           rated TV PG

Teen Read Week Starts it Off

As in previous years, Teen Read Week begins with the first Anime and Manga Club Meetings.  This year we will be meeting on Mondays and Fridays in C209 during both lunches.  Students are signing up in the library first so that Mrs. McGlaun can get a head count for the pizza order.  There will be pizza, drinks, and dessert.

During this first meeting students will be learning what Anime we can watch, what days they can attend, and what we can do in the club.  The meetings are basically student driven and student participation is important.

See you at the first meeting on October 18, 2013 in C209.